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Kainomyx was founded on September 4, 2019, by five Stanford scientists who are experts in the biology, biochemistry, and biophysics of the cytoskeleton of cells 

James Spudich, PhDAnnamma Spudich, PhDDarshan Trivedi, PhD, Suman Nag, PhD and Kathleen Ruppel, MD,PhD.

Together, they share a vision that there is a great need for new therapeutic innovation in treating malaria, leishmaniasis, and other parasitic diseases. The mechanisms of current therapeutics for malaria, for example, are generally poorly understood, and resistance to drugs is commonplace. Resistance is now being seen against Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT), which is the current primary therapy for malaria. Leveraging their expertise in company formation and cytoskeletal biology, Kainomyx was formed to discover and develop novel therapeutics that will be targeted against mechanistically well-understood protein targets to address the growing need for novel malaria therapeutics. In addition, Kainomyx is developing sensitive, easy to administer, inexpensive diagnostic tools to detect individuals in endemic areas who are silent carriers of the parasite and are reservoirs for malaria transmission. This dual approach will help treat, reduce and eventually eliminate the rate of transmission of malaria.

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